ShoreShoreConstruction 1/1/18Master bedroom (1/1/18)Lower level bedroom (1/1/18)Lower level bedroom (1/1/18)Construction 11/24/17Construction 11/24/17Deck view - Construction 11/24/17

Shore view Living roomView from cottageConstruction 1/1/18Living room (1/1/18)Master bedroom (1/1/18)Rec room lower level (1/1/18)Construction 11/24/17Deck 11/24/17Living room view - Construction 11/24/17

PIctures added as construction progressesRendering of cottage from rear (driveway side)ShoreShore viewSunrise shoreSunrise shoreBedroom viewConstruction 11/24/17Construction 11/24/17Construction 11/24/17Deck 11/24/17

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