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COVID Information for Maine Visitors


The Governor, on 6/8/2020, offered an alternative to the 14 day quarantine for July and August out of state visitors. If you are able to get a COVID test within 3-5 days of coming into Maine (with a negative result), you can come! The test is not required for persons under 18 years of age. These tests, depending on where you live, can be obtained at your local pharmacy,, medical clinics, even Walmart. In most cases they don't require a doctor's referral. There are testing kits now being offered online too. CVS is offering free testing too. Convenient MD and the Bar Harbor/MDI Hospital are offering are testing too (call in advance for more info). You can still come without testing, but will need to "quarantine" while here for whatever length of time you are here, up to 14 days (if you are staying longer than 14 days you will be off quarantine after that). During quarantine you can still enjoy Acadia National Park, get curbside pick-up at restaurants, etc.

There is an Certificate of Compliance from the State of Maine that visitors need fill out and bring with you when you come. (NY, NJ, CT, NH, VT and now MA residents not required.)

All cottage owners are adhering to Maine CDC guidelines for the weekly changeovers.

Just bring your masks and practice social distancing when you come (the Governor now mandates it)!!

We are booking cottages! Things are moving forward—those who want to come can come!

NY, NJ, CT, NH and VT visitors are exempt from all restrictions.

FYI: all cottage owners are adhering to Maine CDC guidelines for turnovers.


The following persons/companies are offering grocery delivery service this season:
Madeline Damon: 727-846-3434;
Carol Schaefer: (207) 266-3210;
Walmart (Ellsworth): curbside pick-up, pre-order

Travel Insurance
The rental agreements for these cottages do not provide for cancellation, unless the cottage can be re-booked for your time period (the season here is very short and owners have a narrow window to secure rentals). It is highly recommended that you consider purchasing trip/travel insurance should a personal emergency prevent you from taking your vacation. Here are a few companies that offer this type of low-cost insurance: (a local company here)

Making a reservation
To make a reserversation inquiry please go to the Inquiry Form, or send us an email.




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